Events Cleaning – Tasks Before and After Event

Events Cleaning

Events Cleaning

A lot of people get excited by the opportunity to plan and host an event. Few people look forward to doing the tasks that mark the last part of an event – the events cleaning. Nevertheless, there is no way you can get out of it; you simply have to gear up to do what needs to be done.

Tasks For Events Cleaning

Events clean-up is not as simple as it sounds. It is made up of several tasks to be done in various stages.

  1. Pre-event cleaning

It doesn’t make a difference whether you are hosting a small intimate dinner at home or holding an ambitious convention in a vast function hall. You have to go over the venue to check if it is as clean as it should be. Pre-event cleaning is essential before your guests arrive. Are you hiring people to decorate the venue? You have to make arrangements to ensure that the building is clean during and after the decorators beautify the place.

  1. Event cleaning

You want the event to go as smoothly as possible. There will be unexpected spills and other similar mishaps. You have to be flexible and ready to deal with these accidents. In some cases, you have to see to it that you provide friendly and solicitous attendants for busboy, porter, and restroom services.

  1. Post-event cleaning

After your event, you have to get the venue back to how it looked before the party. This stage of event clean-up usually takes more time and resources than the first two stages. You need more people, cleaning equipment, and cleaning products to do a good final clean-up. Post-event clean-up includes restoring the venue to its pre-event condition. Tasks include disposing of all accumulated garbage (and recycling where applicable), cleaning floors and other surfaces, and cleaning all areas of the venue, including the bathrooms and kitchen. In big events, post clean-up tasks will include vacuuming, power sweeping or spraying, and sidewalk sweeping.

Corporate Event Cleaning

Event Management

If you want to do a successful events clean-up, you have to manage it like a small business. You need a cleaning plan, as well as people and resources to ensure that the plan is carried out effectively. You need staff to do the various tasks. You need supervisors to oversee the work and make sure that the job runs smoothly. Hiring the right people is essential for success. Your cleaning staff should be able to communicate with each other, especially if you are holding an event for a large crowd in a big venue. You should be able to easily get in touch with your staff when you need any of them. Provide two-way radios or cell phones to avoid unnecessary frustration and delays. If you are holding a really big and ambitious event, it may be prudent to assign a dispatcher to receive and transmit cleaning calls to the right employees.

Handling Trash

You need the right number of recycling bins and garbage cans for your event. If you are able to work out exactly how many trash receptacles you need, you avoid certain problems. You don’t have to deal with the unsightly mess of overflowing trashcans. The cleaning crew does not have to scurry around every so often to empty the limited number of receptacles. In case of a huge event, see to it that the compactor is empty before your event. Inform your trash hauler about your event so they can make the necessary trips to accommodate your requirements. Make sure that you have adequate storage space for your trash and recyclables if nobody can pick them up right away. Make all these arrangements beforehand. Do this and you avoid getting frustrated by your inability to immediately dispose of the great amount of trash that the event generates. You even prevent the possibility of inviting negative public attention.

Preparing for Contingencies

Even when you do everything you can to ensure that the events clean-up goes smoothly, things may sometimes go off beam. It is important to maintain a can-do and flexible attitude all the time. Sometimes, there will be more guests (and more trash) than planned for. The event may run longer than anticipated. If you don’t panic, your staff won’t either. If you maintain a positive attitude, your staff will do the same thing. See to it that contingency plans are in place. Make modifications as you see fit on the fly.


Conference Events Cleaning



If you can’t estimate the number of people that you need to do the clean-up, err a bit in favor of overstaffing. You, of course, don’t want to overspend on unnecessary staffing. Make earlier arrangements with some of your people. Ask them if they find it acceptable to be sent home earlier in case you find out you don’t really need as many people. Keep a reliable record of the events that you handle. The information will help you make well-informed staffing decisions later.

Events Cleaning Services

If you are planning a large-scale event, you may want to consider hiring professional event cleanup services. Fund-raising events, concerts, big parties, sporting events, trade shows, political rallies, and conventions are some examples of events where you may not have the resources necessary to handle event clean-up. Hiring a professional crew will save you from all the hassles that big-scale clean-up involves. The crew will handle all the tasks discreetly, professionally, and fast so you can enjoy your event without clean-up worries lurking on your mind.

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