Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

As a fully licensed post-construction cleaning company, Frisco has had much expertise in this area. Our workers, fully trained in construction site protocol, are extremely efficient in the complete cleaning of the area, ensuring that not a single trace of the construction process remains. From large-scale operations (e.g. the cleaning of newly-constructed shopping malls, schools, or industrial plants) to small-scale projects (e.g. the cleaning of a newly-renovated cleanroom), Frisco is committed to delivering service of the highest quality in a speedy, meticulous manner.

The post construction cleaning service we provide can be broken down into these two categories: general cleaning and specialised cleaning (i.e. for newly-renovated cleanrooms).

General Construction Cleaning

These services are for general areas that have recently been constructed or renovated and that require post construction cleaning services.

Construction Clean-Up
Window & Carpet Cleaning
Façade Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Vinyl Floor Polishing
Washroom Cleaning
Carpark Cleaning
Waste Disposal

Specialised Cleaning

These services are largely meant for newly-constructed or newly-renovated cleanrooms.

High Pressure Cleaning
Micro Cleaning
Validation Cleaning
Areas that may require this service
  • Newly Constructed Shopping Malls
  • Newly Constructed/Renovated Schools
  • Newly Constructed Industrial Buildings/Factories
  • Newly Renovated Cleanrooms/Data Centers

Featured Case Study

Post-Construction Commercial Cleaning Upon the completion of the building of Jem, Singapore’s third largest suburban mall, Frisco had a post-construction cleaning project with them. We were tasked to do a thorough clean-up of the area before its Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) inspection. We worked around the short turnaround time by dispatching cleaning teams for the next 24-hours.
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