Cleanroom Precision Cleaning

Cleanroom Precision Cleaning

With our cleanroom services, we ensure that contamination levels in the rooms are kept within their specified classifications.

Our Services include

GMP Cleaning
Micro Cleaning
Validation Cleaning
Construction Clean-Up

Certifications Services include

Airflow Quality
Air Particle Monitoring
Temperature & Humidity Tests
Floor Surface Static Assessment
Dissipative Quality Testing
Places that require service
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Biological Laboratories
  • Data-Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Semi-Conductor Production Areas

Featured Case Study

Frisco was engaged to do post-construction cleanroom cleaning
for the high-end multinational semiconductor corporation, Micron. Intensive cleaning was required to decontaminate the area, and our highly-trained specialists allowed the project to be completed without a hitch.
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