Clean Toilets: Why You Need a Professional to do the Job

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A clean and tidy office or place of business always sets a good impression for its clients. But there is a single facility in every business that will make or break a customer’s positive inklings – the toilets. Many may not make such a big deal out of toilet cleanliness, but you can’t deny that any person would be easily turned off if they see – let alone use – a messy, smelly, and overall dirty toilet in any institution. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to the need of a commercial toilet cleaning service provider.

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Draw and Retain Clients

If dirty toilets can turn them away, a constantly clean and sanitized one will make them happy and confident to keep coming back to your business. They know that you not only care about their business, but you also care about even their simplest of needs.

Keep Employees Productive

An unkempt and perhaps, smelly toilet in the office will cause a fuss among workers. This small talk will lead to unproductive employees, not only because they’ll feel like their basic needs are not met, but because they’ll most likely keep talking about it among co-workers. This in itself will lower morale and will discourage productivity. On the other hand, if employees have clean toilets in the office, they’ll be happier, spend less time in the toilets and talking about among co-workers, and ultimately, become more productive.


Health is Wealth

A healthy body is like treasure for many without them even knowing it. Personal hygiene won’t be enough if you’re still constantly exposed to germs and bacteria, your health as well as those of your employees and clients might be at risk.

Regular commercial toilet cleaning will allow you to ensure that you will not be harboring germs and bacteria within your business premises that can get you, your employees, and your clients sick. Poorly kept bathrooms and toilets is a recipe for disaster that is often overlooked. If it’s sanitized regularly, you’ll be ensured that you are keeping a healthy and clean environment within your premises and everyone that enters.

Keep it Looking and Smelling Clean All the Time

The easiest telltale signs that your toilets are not properly maintained are when you see dust, water spots, water drops, small puddles, litter, full trashcans, and maybe worse, stained toilets and muddy footprints.

With the help of professional commercial toilet cleaning providers, you will have your toilets cleaned and sanitized. You won’t even need to worry about the toilets after the morning rush or the lunch hours, your facilities will be cleaned properly every 2 hours throughout the business day.

Tips and Measures to Maintain Clean Toilets

  • Toilet seats should be washed and properly dried regularly. Dirty toilet seats can harbor germs that cause infections to people who’ll be using them. Keep in mind that more than one person will be using the facility.
  • Keep vents open. This can be in the form of small windows that’s big enough to keep the air circulating and smelling fresh. If there are no windows, an exhaust fan and mister will help with your ventilation needs.
  • Flushing after use should be normal practice, yet, some people still forget to do so. It should be part of regular maintenance to inspect the toilets and flush them to keep it clean and fresh for the next people to use them.
  • Wipe seats, counters, and sinks. A dry toilet is less likely to accumulate dirt easily. If it’s left to stay damp or wet, not only will you start encouraging mold and mildew, you’ll also encourage muddy tracks, wet personal items and clothes, and risk accidents such as slips and other injuries.
  • Keep a healthy supply of toilet paper ready in the washrooms. Not only is this essential to a person’s use, but it will also encourage individual users to wipe down the seats or surfaces as needed.
  • Sanitize the entire room regularly. This will ensure that you are able to eliminate germs and bacteria that may start growing in both common and hidden areas of the toilet.

Securing commercial toilet cleaning for your business will give you great benefits in the immediate future and in the long run.

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