Top 7 Singapore Industrial Cleaning Services that Matters

Industrial Building

Industrial cleaning is a type of cleaning the hazardous areas of a particular industrial facility. These facilities can be a warehouse, a power plant, a factory, and other facilities. Since that particular area is hazardous, only the expert cleaning service providers like Singapore Industrial Cleaning service provider can do the job.

This type of service providers are equipped with safety knowledge, trained, and use special equipment. They also use a special type of chemicals, making sure that they will be living in those areas perfectly clean.

An industrial cleaning company can provide the following services:

  1. Industrial vacuuming – you can expect to find dirt, debris, metal shavings, and chemicals on the floors on an industrial facility. A power vacuum is used to remove these debris and stubborn chemicals on the floor.
  2. Decontamination – even a slight chemical spill can greatly harm the employees’ health. Through the Singapore Industrial Cleaning decontamination cleaning service, it will ensure to stop the contamination and make the workplace safe for everyone.
  3. Mold removal and remediation – molds such as Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and other types pose risks to everyone’s health. That is why it is best to contact the expert cleaning service providers. They will conduct mold and air testing, locked the affected area from everyone and applied their expert removal service.
  4. Mercury Spill Clean Up – even if it can’t harm you, it isn’t reasonable to touch a mercury spill. When there is a spill of this chemical on the floor, it is best to contact a trusted Singapore industrial cleaning provider. This service will remove mercury vapor and its sources on the spilled area. Your service provider will ensure that there will be no traces of mercury to ever find of left on that area.
  5. Lead removal and abatement – when cleaning involves removing lead, your service provider will be using chemicals. These are used to breakdown coatings that have lead as well as lead derivatives. Before you say “okay” to the service provider to do their job, make sure that they are accredited to use those lead removal products. With the right Singapore industrial cleaning, they are accredited and will ensure to remove all the leads in your facility.
  6. Hydro blasting – also called pressure washing, this is the form of cleaning that involves high pressured water blasting method in removing lead paint. This is commonly done to horizontal and vertical areas with large epoxy and mastic coating. Oftentimes, this service is required in removing paint from airports, parking lots, and on highways.
  7. Asbestos removal – asbestos will never do well to one’s health. If you have an older type of building as your facility, then there is a high possibility that it has asbestos on its drywall, fireproofing and other areas. Protect the health of everyone in your facility; hire the best service provider to remove asbestos.

There you have it, the top services that you can expect from an industrial cleaning service provider. With this, we realize that even the slightest spill can do harm to everyone’s health. Don’t let that spill, paint, or dust to harm you and your employees. Contact only the right industrial cleaning experts in the industrial cleaning.

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