Complete Office Cleaning Guide

Daily office cleaning

Working in a dusty area or a dusty office is not helping you to be motivated and do your work more productive. There are times that dust at your office is the reason why you got sick. Different companies offer office cleaning services out there.

Daily office cleaning

The very first areas that need cleaning at your office are your reception area because this is the first impression for all the visitors. The clean workplace helps you to be more motivated at your work. You gain your productivity because of the net and clean surroundings.

Steps for cleaning the reception and the office place:

  • Empty waste receptacle and replace the liners- The cleaners empty all your waste receptacles at the office. They change the liners and wash all of it if needed.
  • Remove cobwebs- They check every single part of your office to get the hidden cobwebs at different sides. After getting the cobwebs, the professional office cleaner wipes the area that the cobwebs stay before to ensure that there is nothing left.
  • Use a dusting spray for all the wood furniture at your office- Spray all the things at your office that made of wood with the use of dusting spray to wipe down all the dust.
  • Vacuum mats, carpet, and all hard floors- Vacuum the floor at the office, carpet, and mats. Then vacuum to the upholstery if you have.
  • Wipe down your air vent, table, glass windows, and frames- With the use of butter knife or ruler wipes down all the dirt at your air vent. Wipe the glass windows, table and all of the frames that you have at your office using the damp clothes.  
  • Mop the entire hard floor with disinfectant- They use disinfectant to mop the entire floor of your whole office buildings.
  • Disinfect the entire surfaces that had a connection in a human hand- You need to disinfect the entire surface that has connections with a human hand like doorknobs, keyboards, light switches, computer mice, etc.

Kitchen or Break room and Washroom

It is good if the kitchen or break room is clean even there is no food preparation done there.  It’s good to eat in a clean area than a dirty one. The sanitized and clean washroom is free from spreading bacteria for any employee.

Steps for cleaning the kitchen and washroom at the office:

  • Wipe doors and sills- With the use of damp wipe the washroom sills and doors inside and outside.
  • Wipe the mirror- Use the damp clothes to wipe out all the dirt in the mirror in the washroom.
  • Empty waste- Get empty all the waste that you have in the washroom.
  • Fully stocks- All the stocks are checked, and they replace all the stocks that need replacement. Just like soap, paper towels, and paper toilets.

Your offices become more presentable and clean for visitors. And all the people who stay at your office and you are free from germs and bacteria’s that cause diseases. That are the things that done by the professional cleaners that you hired for your office cleaner. And your janitor can do this too if the cleaner that you hired is not available.


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