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What’s Soft Services in Facilities Management?

By Frisco / 10th February 2019

Soft services facilities management is services which are utilized by the workers and could make the business setting safer and enjoyable.  Usually, not everything is compulsory and can be eliminated or added at any time. Examples of Soft Services in Facilities Management In this post, we will share with you the soft services that is […]


How Skyscraper Window Cleaning Is Done

By Frisco / 5th February 2019

    High buildings require cleaning to maintain its good and strong foundation. However, the process of your skyscraper window cleaning can be a difficult and dangerous task. So, you must leave it to the experts. The best way you can do, is to hire professional cleaning company to avoid possible problems in the future. Window […]


What is Hard Facilities Management?

By Frisco / 1st February 2019

IFM Hard Services Hard management services include the management and maintenance of physical building elements such as finishes, structures as well as equipment. Hard FM includes managing equipment, processes, system, people, technologies everyone which connect the physical fabric of the company or an infrastructure. The hard facility management is tailored with exceptional strategy, specific and […]