What’s Soft Services in Facilities Management?

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Soft services facilities management is services which are utilized by the workers and could make the business setting safer and enjoyable.  Usually, not everything is compulsory and can be eliminated or added at any time.

Examples of Soft Services in Facilities Management

In this post, we will share with you the soft services that is covered in the facilities management services.

Building Cleaning Services

A clean, organized working environment has been known to encourage a healthy working environment, engaging employees and easily motivating. Also, keeping a tidy and clean working space reduce the risk of mishaps occurring as an untidy working setting increases the leaning to hazardous substances to go unseen to the organization workers.

What is more, the risk of workers contacting illnesses in a dirty and contaminated environment is high. Altogether this reduces the output and production of the business and can be avoided by a building cleaning service with a reliable facility management firm.

Office cleaning services

Office Space Management

Facility Management Company has specific skills and expertise in making and managing office plans which maximize space and workflow for customers. If you’re planning to address capacity problems while creating a cost-efficient and effective working setting, an experienced team of office space management experts can give the resources you need.

Using customer supplied information and requirements; they can make some office spaces to suit the setting and productivity of your firm. Where the existing building limits the capability to obtain your brief, they will use their expertise to recommend layouts where possible. They can show this by offering you many choices to maximize the space in your office which include design alterations and multiple desk size and storage solutions.

They can make a CAD drawing with a planned or projected office layout plan from a sketch with some dimensions. But, if you want a flexible record for utilizing in the coming years, they can give a measured building and model as the groundwork for the plans. They can also help you make and maintain an accurate and useful record of your office space, equipment and furniture that can be challenging as your business grows, changes and is renovated.

Space management

Waste Management Services

A lot of facilities manage firms possesses waste management services which offer for the gathering, processing, transiting, recycling and disposal of materials which cannot be recycled. In a world where a lot of concentration has been placed on how businesses handle their waste products, this is a vital service to have.

With growing government interest in how companies handle their waste, comes the demand for advanced planning and record keeping on waste management processes in place. A facility management company helps to obtain this goal.


Safety and security problems plaguing an organization range from security of the company’s assets, damages to facilities, companies’ buildings, structures outside the company which can affect the workings and image of the company or the business.

Facility Management Company offers services not limited to access control and security, lock, door, and safe installation and emergency response services. Also, they can offer, configure, implement as well as maintain modern safety tools and devices like data collections, security alarm systems, CCTV as well as processing systems.

Other services under security offered by facility management company included software setup and upgrade, testing the functionalities of core equipment, system database backup as well as diagnosing probable issues with minor troubleshooting.

Pest Control

A pest control problem in a business setting can lessen the morale of the worker and pose serious health problems, not to mention the damage it can cause to company’s brand reputation. With facility management company on your side, rest easy that your business is safe from pest invasions such as cockroaches, ants, rodents, and birds.

They will protect your facility by performing thorough inspections, getting rid of unwanted pests’ activity, and offering you useful suggestions to strengthen the defence of the facility against pests.

The goal here is to protect the brand reputation and the bottom line. With pest control plan, you will have a true and real partner on your site dedicated to managing pest problems on your business. Facility Management Company shared your accountability to keep your customers and employees safe and sound. They focus on offering eco-friendly safe solutions while getting rid of pest activity without too much application of pesticides.

Service technicians are proactive in conducting an inspection and putting the measure in place to keep your facility safe and sound from pests and possible pest infestations. They will also provide you with suggestions to help keep the facility free from annoying pests.

Pest Control Services

Landscaping Services

The way the business or firm looks on the outside matters. It is that simple. The first impression which clients get of your firm many times starts with landscaping. You want that “wow” factor- that thing which makes a good impression in your client’s mind that is unforgettable.

Facility management company takes an approach to business landscape design and upkeep which is much more complete. They do landscape maintenance and lawn mowing and develops inspirational hardscapes, landscapes, bio-system components as well as a wide array of other uses which incorporate innovative, cost-efficient installation as well as maintenance options.

Facility management service provider knows then right landscape solution for all your locations. From the east coast to the west coast, from primrose to palm trees and the whole thing in between, landscape professionals know the most excellent ways of maintaining the landscape of your business.

Landscaping services offered include spring clean-up, which provides for sprucing up mulch areas, weeding, lawn mowing, flower maintenance, fertilizing, debris pick-up, aerating, insect control, pruning, etc.

Landscaping service

Hazardous Material Handling & Disposal

This program is accountable for the elimination, transportation, segregation, consolidation as well as the storage of hazardous chemicals and materials in compliance with federal and state regulations.

The facility management company handles a vast selection of hazardous materials and expertise in dealing with lead, asbestos, PCB containing caulk and materials contaminated with mercury. They offer multiple solutions to surrounding problems and will interpret city pollution control laws and regulations.

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