List of Tasks for Cleaning A Big Office Building

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Big office buildings make a good impression to clients and visitors if it’s excellently cleaned. A well cleaned office building also provides a welcoming ambiance for all the employees. If you’re the business owner, you would feel grateful to see a clean office.

Cleaning service providers offer efficient service in cleaning office buildings. Expect not only a clean office building but also a healthy ambiance if you know the following cleaning tasks. What are the essential tasks for cleaning big office building?

Daily Office Cleaning Tasks

An office reception area makes a great impression to the guests of the office. As a business owner, you want your office spaces to be organized as it offers you a safe and efficient workplace. Every employee would be productive to work and finish their tasks when they see a clean office.

So, here are daily cleaning tasks that make cleaning office building successful:

  • Empty the wash bins and replacing its liners. The cleaners wash the trash bins after they dispose the dirt.
  • The cleaners vacuum the mats and carpets efficiently. The hard floors are also vacuumed to make the cleaning office building excellent.
  • All the surfaces of chairs, table and desks are dusted.
  • Cleaners damp wipe horizontal surfaces of the office and apply disinfectant on each surface.
  • All the hard floors in the office are mopped by cleaners.
  • Cobwebs are removed from the entry halls and entry areas.
  • Fingerprints are removed from door frames and light switches.
  • All doors are hand wiped and cleaned.
  • The internal glass are cleaned and wiped effectively.
  • The brass cabinets and doors are polished.
  • Cleaners ensure that most office areas are cleaned and organized.

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Kitchen and Washroom Cleaning Tasks

A clean kitchen offers an inviting presence for the employees to cook. If your company is preparing a celebration, foods would be prepared in the kitchen easily. You would prevent germs to spread over the food you’re preparing.

Same with the kitchen, washrooms should also be cleaned and sanitized to provide security and safety to all employees. Here are the tasks for successful cleaning office building:

  • The hand towels, hand soap, toilet tissues are stocked.
  • The waste bins are emptied by cleaner and they replace the liners if it’s required or needed.
  • Mirrors are polished and cleaned.
  • The hand dryers and towels are hand wiped.
  • Cleaners remove prints and dust from sills and doors. Expert cleaners make sure they wipe the surface of the doors.
  • All the office basins or trash bins are sanitized by professional cleaners.
  • The tops of frames and mirrors are dusted effectively.
  • The marks on the basins, partitions are removed.
  • The kitchen and washroom floors are mopped. Expert cleaners also use disinfectants to make the cleaning process successful.
  • Office stairs and elevators are cleaned.
  • The urinals and toilets cleaned and cleaning experts use disinfectants to remove all germ and bacteria. Then, the expert team hand wipes all surfaces to make it dry.

Weekly Cleaning

Big office buildings need a regular weekly cleaning to ensure that most office areas are dust-free. As the building owner, you should observe the weekly cleaning process to ensure your office an inviting presence that leaves a good impression to the guests. If it’s your aim to get more partners, you first need to impress them with your clean office.

Both interior and exterior parts of the office are cleaned to assure that clients and even your future partners would like to work with you.

  • The floors are sprayed and cleaned.
  • All the glass from the interior parts of the office are cleaned or wiped.

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Monthly Cleaning

Aside from the daily and weekly cleaning, you should also have a monthly cleaning of your office. Don’t forget to supervise your cleaners the parts of the office they’re going to clean in a monthly basis. You make sure that you hire the right cleaners to do the monthly cleaning tasks such as the following:

  • The floors and carpets are vacuumed to achieve a successful cleaning office building.
  • Windows are wiped and cleaned.
  • Cobwebs and dusts from walls are removed.

So, give your employees an efficient working space by cleaning office building. You hire expert cleaners to perform each task and you’re sure to achieve a successful result.  Let cleaning experts help you clean your office building today!



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