Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Construction Cleaning

A new build or renovation project can be considered complete if it meets two criteria. First, the contractor has finished their part in the project. Second, the area has been inspected and cleaned.

Properly cleaning a construction site is far different from simple house cleaning. It involves several steps to inspect every nook and cranny of the project. This thorough checking is to ensure that the area is ready to transition from a construction site to a homestead.

Post-construction cleaning is a marathon. It includes dusting all surfaces, waxing floors, and scrubbing windows. Baseboards, mantels, and doors are checked. All electrical connection cleaned and tested. It also includes the removal of trash and any construction debris.

Going through a clean-up process after construction is critical. This is to make sure that everything is in its place, working as intended, and safely secured. All these need to be done before the homeowners take over and make the space their own.

Most contractors do their own clean-up, and take care of the materials and tools they use. But homeowners have the option to outsource this task to companies that specialize in this particular niche. Hiring a specialist can better guarantee that your new build is deeply cleaned and ready for use. One should note though that specialized services such as this may also cost a bit, depending on the size of the space and the steps that need to be taken.

What are the benefits of post-construction cleaning?

Cleaning is troublesome. Cleaning an area after a build or a renovation is more tedious. As a homeowner, you can opt to do the required cleaning but it is still ideal to hire an agency to conduct post-construction cleaning services. Here are some of the reasons why you should:

  1. It is effortless cleaning

Hiring an external specialist to clean your house guarantees that it will be cleaned thoroughly and effortlessly. These service providers have the needed manpower and tools that allow them to work faster and better than the homeowners.

  1. Even hidden messes are taken care of

Professional cleaners know where to look for dust and dirt. They look at all the nooks and crannies of the project. They remove the undesirables, especially those that are easily visible to the eyes.

  1. Cleaning products are used properly

Most cleaning agents are dangerous and harsh. Some surfaces require a specific kind of cleaner. Incorrectly using products can cause damage to the property. Professional cleaners know the materials used in the construction and know the best cleaning aid to use.

  1. Waste is also handled correctly

There are different regulations on how to dispose of certain kinds of waste. If you take the DIY route, you would need to research on how to dispose of waste properly or else, face trouble with local authorities.

  1. Recycling of leftover materials

Post-construction projects leave plenty of materials such as pieces of wood, drywall, and other discarded materials. Usually, these are just thrown away. Professional cleaning services can segregate waste products and recycle those that can still be used.

Construction Site

What does a post-construction clean-up include?

A construction clean-up process has three basic stages. These are initial internal clean-up, final internal clean-up, and external clean-up.

1st stage: Initial Internal Clean-up

Contractors often handle this stage of the process. In this stage, clean-up is done before adding the finishing touches that will turn the project from a construction site into a home. This usually deals with several aesthetic and service details, and happens at the end of the project.

This type of cleaning job generally includes the following:

* Prepping floor underlay to install floors, carpets, tiles, etc.

* Checking electrical and water connections.

* Cleaning all interior windows, window tracks, and windowsills.

* Dusting all surfaces.

* Sweeping dust and sawdust.

* Disposing of all internal trash and remaining debris.

2nd stage: Final Internal Clean-up

This stage of the process involves a more thorough cleaning of the inside of the construction. It is another go at the whole construction site after the final elements are installed. For this stage of the clean-up, the activities vary, depending on the type of space that needs cleaning. Different parts of the house require different services.

However, a good final clean-up includes the following key jobs:

  1. Kitchen

* Dusting and wiping of all built-in cabinets, shelves, and countertops

* Washing sinks and backsplash

* Cleaning of installed appliances such as ovens, range hoods, refrigerator, and dishwasher

* Cleaning of ducts, vents, and heating exchanges.

* Wipe down for all kitchen surfaces

* Getting rid of all trash, plastic coverings and stickers

  1. Bathrooms

* Cleaning of bathtub, shower walls, glass doors, and sinks

* Sanitizing the inside and outside of the toilet

* Cleaning of windows and mirrors

* Wiping and dusting of all built-in cabinets, countertops, and shelves

* Getting rid of all trash, plastic coverings and stickers

  1. Bedrooms

* Vacuuming of carpets and area rugs

* Mopping of hardwood floors

* Cleaning the inside and outside of closets

* Cleaning of windows and mirrors

* Clean trimming of baseboards, door frames, and window frames

* Getting rid of all trash, plastic coverings and stickers

  1. Living Rooms / Den

* Dusting of all surfaces

* Vacuuming of carpets and area rugs

* Mopping of hardwood floors

* Dusting and wiping of all built-in cabinets and shelves

* Clean trimming of baseboards, door frames, and window frames

* Cleaning of ducts, vents, and heating exchanges

* Getting rid of all trash, plastic coverings and stickers

Cleaned External Facade

While cleaning new surfaces may seem redundant, it is recommended to do multiple checks as construction creates a lot of dust and fine grits. Everything needs to be removed to ensure that the place is ready for occupancy.


Third Stage: External Clean-Up

For large construction projects, messes happen inside and outside the area.  This stage allows for a thorough clean-up of the outside area, which rids the property of excess trash. It also prepares it for paving and landscaping works. It improves the overall external appeal of the project.

This stage usually includes the following activities:

* Disposing of all trash within and outside the property

* Discarding of excess lumber and debris

* Washing of external windows and doors

* Power washing outdoor walkway, the driveway or any paved surface

* Dusting the entryways and outside lights.


Final Thoughts

Construction and renovation projects cause a mess after completion. A post-construction clean-up is necessary to ensure that all the corners of your new home is ready for use. You can clean the area yourself but it is ideal to hire a professional instead. Professional cleaning services guarantees a thorough cleaning of both the inside and outside of your house while you relax. You’ll be chilling as they ready your home for you to live in.


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